1、Sandy and Sue are going to school十个标题去弥补一局部 。


  2、John is reading a book十个标题去弥补一局部 。

  3、We are waiting for you outside the bookstore十个标题去弥补一局部 。


  4、The boy is playing basketball十个标题去弥补一局部 。

  5、The children are singing under the tree十个标题去弥补一局部 。

  6、My sister is looking after the baby十个标题去弥补一局部 。


  7、She is listening to music十个标题去弥补一局部 。

  8、I am doing your homework十个标题去弥补一局部 。

  9、Young Pioneers are helping the old woman十个标题去弥补一局部 。


  10、She is sitting next to the driver十个标题去弥补一局部 。